Queries, Questions, Concerns, Complaints and Suggestions

At Hornsey, Dental Centre your satisfaction is very important to us, and we are always only too happy to listen to you and resolve any issues with you. If at any stage of your dental visit you are not satisfied please speak to reception and let them know.

Often the query is simple and reception will be able to provide you the information you need or resolve the issue. For example appointment and fee queries can often be resolved by reception

If they are unable to resolve matters they will immediately offer you the following options:

  • To speak to your dentist immediately if available, or to arrange a telephone call from your dentist to discuss the matter if they are not immediately available
  • If you would rather not speak to your dentist then reception will arrange for the
    Practice complaints lead to contact you.

The Job Of the person that speaks to you is to listen to your concern and try and sort it out for you straight away. There may be a need to look into the matter and call you back again. Remember if you do not feel at ease with one dentist you can always ask to be seen by another.

If you are still not happy, you will be offered you an appointment to come in to discuss the matter. At this appointment, we would listen to your concerns and try and resolve them. We may not be able to do that immediately and may need to contact you again once we have looked into the matter.

Please never feel shy to ask questions or to voice your concerns. Often issues can be resolved very quickly and we as a practice value the opportunity to reassure you and improve our service.

In the event that you can’t face a verbal discussion, please feel free to write to us. We will respond quickly and deal with any concerns. We would Acknowledge your complaint in writing and aim to give you a full response in 2 weeks, should we need more time we would keep you updated

We also would appreciate any suggestions as well as compliments and positive comments. Many of our patients write us letters of recommendation, which we display to other patients to reassure them that they are in capable and kind hands.

Remember you the patient and us the dental practice are a team working together to maintain and improve your Oral Health. We can only do that if you always feel free to talk to us.