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I have only ever received professional and excellent care from my dentist here. As someone who had (regrettably!) not been to a dentist in many years I was reassured immediately. I have gone on to get whitening treatment here and could not be happier with the results. All treatments have been explained fully, every step of the way by my dentist and, unlike experiences friends have had in other surgeries, I have always felt fully informed and assured. The environment is welcoming and all staff have made the experience a pleasant one. I have gone on to recommend them to many friends, all of whom have received the same competent, assured treatment. If visiting the dentist is a nerve wracking experience for you I cannot recommend the care here enough!


I've been a regular visitor to Hornsey Dental Centre for 7 years now. They've helped me discover, treat and clear up issues that previous dentists didn't notice, and my teeth are in great shape now thanks to them. The staff are all very friendly and I always feel that I'm getting great care with my best interests at the heart of it.


I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Trishna Patel and the entire team of HORNSEY DENTAL CENTRE. Today, I came into their doctor' s office as an emergency patient because I lost a part of one of my teeth. The reception was so friendly and warm that I felt I was in good hands immediately. I described my case and got an appointment on the same day in the afternoon. I have a panic disorder when I am at the dentist, and being in a foreign country with an unfamiliar dentist doesn’t' t help the situation. But what can I say? Dr. Trishna Patel and her assistants were great! They made time for me, they were very patient and always gave me the feeling that they were there for me gladly. I felt safe, well-advised and left the doctor' s office with a smile. Should I ever need a dentist in London again, I know a great address now. I gladly recommend Dr. Trisha Patel


The best dental practice in London I have been to so far! I would like to say a massive thank you to dentist Dr Sachin, the nurses and the rest of the wonderful team working there! I got a crown on one of my front teeth which looks amazing. Before I decided to do it I was afraid it might not look good because it's very difficult to match a single crown but after my permanent crown was fitted I couldn't be happier! They did a very good job! My teeth are whiter and cleaner. Now, I feel much more confident with my new smile :) I would definitely recommend this dentist!


This dental practice is brilliant! They are all friendly welcoming atmosphere and always punctual. I would like to say a massive thank you to Dr Avani Shah for doing a fantastic job to my teeth , had some feeling done and I am definitely going back to do teeth whitening. I would 100% recommend this practice to friends and family


Dr Sachin is one of the best dentists I had the good fortune to meet! Since being his patient my teeth have improved dramatically. I rate him 100%. That’s being truthful as I don’t normally like dentists but Dr Sachin is an exception.