Why do my gums bleed?

The most common question I hear is why do my gums bleed and how can I stop it. Dimple our experienced hygienist demystifies the question….

The answer is quite simple it’s because of bacteria. This bacteria found within deposits of dental plaque can be brushed off very easily with a proper tooth-brushing technique but it also needs to be removed from between the gaps of the teeth. Bleeding in the gums is not normal and if left untreated can lead to a more serious gum condition known as gum disease. So what are the options? 

I always recommend an electric tooth-brush the most effective results – the head is usually smaller and therefore more efficient in getting to the right places and only allowing you to brush one surface at a time – the golden rule!

For cleaning between the gaps there are a number of options depending on what suits your needs; flossing or flosspicks, interdental brushes(TePe), rubber points and waterflossers. My personal favourite are TePe brushes and rubber points, those mini toothbrushes are fantastic and they leave my teeth and gums feeling really clean. By brushing twice a day and cleaning between the gaps you can reduce the plaque build-up during the day and lessen the risk of bleeding gums. Regular check-ups with the dentist and seeing me will allow you to clean your teeth as best as possible. Book in for an appointment and allow me to demonstrate and help stop those bleeding gums.

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