Staying up to date

At Hornsey Dental Centre, we take pride in ensuring we are up-to-date with all our training requirements in order to provide a safe environment for our patients. Here you can see the team in action in a recent Basic Life Support training session where the whole team got involved in learning about dealing with potential medical emergencies that can arise in the dental practice.

Your child’s first visit with us

Tips on getting your anxious child to come to the Dentist 

We know how hard is it for some children to come and visit the Dentist, so we have come up with some tips on how to help your child feel comfortable to come and see us.

  • Discuss with your child few days before their appointment that they are coming to see their Dentist so we can check all the teeth are present and healthy. You can even do some role playing with them and pretend to be the Dentist and ask them to ‘open up wide’.
  • Do NOT mention injections or anything scary to them before the appointment as most kids fear the Dentist will have to inject them or drill out their teeth.
  • The Dentist will always speak to the child first before looking at their teeth and will try and make them feel at ease before having the seat put back. We even make the chair going back fun by using words like space ships so it is more fun for them.
  • Tell your child if they behave themselves and the Dentist says they have good teeth then maybe they will get a toy or treat for doing so well with their oral hygiene.

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