Teething troubles

Tips on soothing a baby during teething
Having a screaming, drooling baby is something we understands upsets many parents. We want to provide some tips on your teething baby. 

Your baby will start having their bottom teeth coming through the gums at roughly 6 months old. However this can start from as early as 4 moths. This is when we recommend you come and see your Dentist so we can check the health of the gums and the teeth erupting. 

Some of the symptoms of teething include:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Drooling
  • Wanting to put everything in their mouths and chew it
  • Not wanting to eat or drink anything
  • Crying or fussing
  • A low grade temperature ( less than 38 Celsius)

How to help ease the pain:

Non Medicinal:

  • Placing a cold clean wet cloth, or placing a clean teether in fridge/freezer for them to bite on.
  • Letting them bite on your clean finger or a clean teether


  • We recommend using Ashtons and Parson’s teething powder. Cool Tip! – wash your hands and place powder on your finger and massage onto the baby’s gums and placing all powder in the mouth sometimes is not as effective as baby will just swallow most of it.
  • If the baby has a high temperature you can give children’s ibuprofen or children’s paracetamol but please ask your GP or Dentist and do not give more than recommended amounts.

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